Monday, October 5, 2015

That's refreshing!

Hey all! Just popping in to share what I saw today. It was actually in just a Fred Meyer mailer. They worked with Wrigley to come up with some fun Halloween treats and ideas. 

They had these cute jack o lantern sugar cookies decorated with Skittles.

And these zombie hands filled with candy (I totally remember getting these only they were filled with popcorn and jelly beans for the fingertips!)

Check out these cute mason jars with stick on vinyl faces resembling Frankenstein, Jack-o-lanterns etc.

But best of all was the plug for those with food allergies. Skittles and starburst are a go to treats in our house for being egg and nut free. They are also free of wheat and dairy for all our allergy friends. Chewing gum would be a nice change to give out at Halloween too. 

It was really refreshing to see an ad with those with food allergies mind!

Other treats we go to at Halloween time are dum-dum suckers, smarties and tootsie rolls (though those have wheat and milk I believe).

Another option is the teal pumpkin project. Heard of it? If not, google it. Place a real painted pumpkin on your porch to indicate to trick or treaters that you have allergy-free and non candy items to hand out. Ideas include little stickers and pencils, spider rings and tattoos. Great idea! (Also helps reduce all the sugar which I'm sure all moms would appreciate!)

Have a great week!

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