Thursday, October 22, 2015

Teal Pumpkin: Are you in?

In my last post I mentioned the teal pumpkin project (and I actually have a link for you this time! Ha!)  I think it's such a wonderful project to be more inclusive of those with food allergies on Halloween by providing non-food treats to our little trick or treaters.  We've got our teal pumpkin out on our porch and we will be offering nut free treats (I found a great list here of nut free candies) as well as vampire teeth (a favorite with my kids) and bat rings.  

I found both at Walmart for an affordable price.  The other place I was looking was Oriental Trading Co. which also has affordable prices. There are so many fun things to hand out instead of the traditional candy:

  • glow-sticks
  • spider rings
  • vampire teeth
  • Halloween pencils
  • Halloween erasers
  • Halloween stickers
  • sticky hands
  • whistles
  • bubbles
  • bouncy balls
  • balloons
  • bracelets

and on and on (seriously click on the link for oriental trading co for more ideas).  That makes food allergy and non food allergy moms alike happy.  Setting aside food allergies, I would prefer my kids coming home with non food treats than all that candy.

To participate, paint a teal pumpkin or print out a cute printable (like these below) and hang it in your window to let trick or treaters know you have non food treats! 

Download at The Artful Nest

Download at LeroyLime

Here is one that I had fun Creating using Picmonkey:
Are you participating in the teal pumpkin project?  What will you be handing out?

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