Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Quick kitchen tip: how to cut a bell pepper

have to laugh at myself when I think back to when I was in college and newly married learning how to cook. The meals I made! It's embarrassing. I think I made a dish one time that had spaghetti, cream of mushroom soup and olives. ( I gag even thinking about it).
Even learning how to properly cut and store certain fruits and vegetables. Avocados took me awhile to figure out. I remember trying to peel an avocado once and about sliced my finger off. It's life changing really when you learn a simple way to cut fruits and vegetables. (Also life changing when you have quality knives)
Today I'm sharing a mini tutorial on how to cut bell peppers. I'm sure I'm not the first one to come up with this, but seriously I didn't start cutting my peppers this way until a couple years ago.

First rinse your pepper. 

Next, notice the natural lines in the pepper? We're going to use those lines as guides to slice off sections. Like so:

A cut here...

Turn and a cut there...
Continue around the pepper cutting off sections.

Viola! Done. Stem out, deseeded and membranes removed- no mess. Now you can cut those large sections into strips or chunks.

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