Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Egg & Nut Free Chocolate Ice Cream

Summertime! It's almost here (and so is my due date!!)  We are getting antsy for watermelon, running through the sprinklers, bbqs and of course, delicious frozen treats like ice cream.  My favorite summertime treat- in any variety.  I already have two egg and nut free vanilla ice cream recipes on my blog, (here and here) but chocolate is another staple ice cream flavor.  I like this recipe from Cuisinart.  It's chocolate-y and easy to make.

Find the recipe for Chocolate Ice Cream at Cuisinart

Since I like my ice cream more on the Coldstone side of things, here are some possible mix-in Ideas:

Possible Mix-in Ideas:

-Chopped Frozen Brownie Chunks
-Chopped up Oreo Cookies
-Mini Marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chips and/or fudge sauce
- Add Peppermint extract with either brownie chunks, Oreo cookies or Andes creme de menthes chips


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