Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentines Round-Up

Last year I posted this post about different ideas, more allergy friendly ideas, for classroom Valentine's.  Here is the link again in case you wanted to check that out.


 Along with that, here is a round-up of some sweet treats, some from me, some from other places around the internet for you to see.

a little different from my go-to egg free soft frosted sugar cookies, but equally as delicious.




Egg Free Cheesecake--(watch out hips!) 

Old-fashioned Pink Popcorn from Cooking Classy

Raspberry Shortbread Cookies from Parent Pretty
(They have almond extract, I would sub out and put vanilla.  I think some lemon extract or zest added in them would be tasty too)

Raspberry almond shortbread cookies 

Fruit roll up fortune cookie

Enjoy!  Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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