Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Egg Free Chocolate Cake Donuts

Back in October I had a post about an egg free donut recipe that I had found.  Coming from the same cookbook, "The Food Allergy Mama's East, Fast Family Meals", are these Chocolate Cake Donuts.  These are easy to make and don't require any rising.  I can't post the recipe here, but I wanted to give a shout out about these for anyone looking for a good egg free donut recipe.  The recipe is also diary free, but since we do not have a dairy allergy I just used regular dairy in the recipe rather than dairy free alternatives. 

My boy has been getting coupons from school for their reading program for a free donut from this novely donut shop where I live. ( think maple bars w/ bacon bits, vanilla donut with fruity pebbles cereal on top...) It's a fun place.  So we played donut shop and he redeemed his coupon here at home.  We got our imaginations going.  

Dip the tops of these donuts simply in melted chocolate chips, or get fancy with a powdered sugar glaze... with crushed oreos on the top... AND melted chocolate drizzled on top of that... Have fun!

Check out cookbook from the library or buy it from amazon for the recipe.  It's well worth it!

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