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Healthy & Allergy Friendly Halloween Dinner Ideas

Halloween time is so much fun.  I especially love making halloween themed food. With Halloween just around the corner, I've been searching the internet for fun halloween dinner ideas that are on the healthy side of things and that are allergy friendly in some way.  (Some of the recipes/ideas may need to be adapted to meet your needs) There are SO many cute ideas out there! Here are a few of my own and a few I'd like to try:

 Bones & Blood (or Pus?)
Egg Free, Nut Free, could be Dairy Free too
Using your favorite breadstick recipe, shape the breadsticks into bones either by tying a knot into each end of the breadsticks (before baking of course) or cutting a slit on both ends of the breadstick and rolling the sides down away from each other.  Dip in pizza sauce "blood" or alfredo "pus".  Are you hungry?

 Carrot Stick "Fingers", Broccoli "Brains" and Olive "Eyeballs"
Egg, Nut & Wheat Free

For the Carrot Fingers: 
Cream Cheese 

Peel and wash desired amount of long carrots (No baby carrots here)  Cut the carrots into pretty much equal lengths.  For the "hand" in the dip, you may want to make the 'pinky' shorter and 'tall man' taller etc.  Make an indentation on the tip of the carrots for the "nail".  Most recipes use almonds, but since we are nut free, I just used cheese.  I tried to cut them into nail looking shapes, but I think next time I will sort through my cookie cutters and see if I've got anything that could be used as a nail shape.  Adhere cheese "nails" on indentation you created on the carrots adhering with a small smear of cream cheese.  For the hand, arrange the fingers in the dip to look like a hand coming out to get you!
Broccoli "Brains"
No brainer (bwah ha ha) on this one.  Just chop up some broccoli.  They are kind of weird-looking as it is, don't you think?

Olive "Eyeballs"
1 can large pitted olives
1-2 tbsp cream cheese
Kosher Salt and pepper
onion powder
dried chives

Heat cream cheese in the microwave until it is soft.  Mix in seasonings according to taste.  I just did a dash or two of each and taste tested til I got it how I wanted it.  Scoop cream cheese mixture into a pastry bag with a small tip or use a freezer ziploc bag with a small hole cut in the corner (this way will probably be messier).  Fill each olive with the cream cheese mixture.  Viola.  It would even be fun to stick a sliver of red bell pepper or something in the center there too.  My guests were crazy about these!

Not sure where this idea came from originally. (Find it @ Toddler to Preschool I saw it on pinterest and on facebook-- but I love the idea of using fruits and vegetables for Halloween treats (since it's such a candy-laden holiday anyway).  The pumpkins are just peeled mandarin oranges with a piece of celery and the ghosts are banans with chocolate chips in them.  Simple, healthy, genuis! (Egg, Wheat, Nut, Dairy Free-- just check your chocolate chips!)

Sweet and Spicy Baked Chicken Drumsticks | #Drumsticks #Recipe #Chicken

From A Spicy Perspective anyway care for some lost dog legs? Amputee Apendages?  :)
Egg, Nut, Dairy, can be Wheat Free - does contain soy

Last year I did Mummy pizzas which were fun. 
Egg, Nut Free

Bug Salad Recipe

"Bug" salad @
Can be allergy freel-- use appropriate salad dressing for your needs

Spicy Orange Bat Wings Recipe

Spicy Orange "Bat" Wings, also from
(allergy free)

Jack-o'-lantern Quesadillas Recipe

Oh My Gosh!  I am head over heels for this idea!  Totally making jack-o-lantern quesadillas for our halloween dinner spread. (
(Egg & Nut Free)

   This one is fun.  I saw it in a kraft food magazine years ago (the photo actually comes from a blog called my story in recipes)  Cut a slice of cheese into a pumpkin shape using a cookie cutter and gently place it on top of a bowl of tomato soup!


 Apple Teeth- My Kids made these several times last year (can be allergy free)

(Allergy Free)

 our family: Halloween week:What's for dinner part 2
This image is from basically tacos dressed up like monsters!
Can be wheat, egg, nut free

Ok ok ok.  I've got to be done now.  I have could spend too much time on this! Enjoy.

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