Friday, August 30, 2013

I hate hearing news like this!

I'm sure many of you have heard or seen the news that a 13-year old girl died from an allergic reaction to peanut.  (If you haven't, here is a link to the article).  As a mom of a son with life-threatening food allergies (peanut being one of them) my heart just goes out to their family! I hope that their story will influence the way some people view food allergies and maybe even how institutions deal with food allergies.  There is so much more awareness out there than there used to be.  But still, even today, there are those who don't think food allergies are that serious and that us food allergies moms are "so dramatic" (fortunately I've not personally encountered someone like this).  What scares me is that this family did everything right.  They had their Epipens and they took her to the hospital...  very tragic!  My thoughts and prayers go out to this family, and I hope by sharing their story and their message that others will realize, if they don't already, how serious food allergies can be.

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  1. Our 2.5 yr old has peanut and egg allergies (thank you for your recipes!!)... and this story just broke my heart! THREE Epi-Pens and they still couldn't save her! So sad! I have personally had comments made about us being "too strict" with what we let our daughter eat... but then when they find out she has food allergies, they have to eat their words. And rightfully so! Regardless of if she has allergies or not, it's no one else's business what we choose to feed her! I hope we never have to go through what the family of that 13 yr old girl did.... an innocent mistake turned into such a tragedy.