Saturday, August 17, 2013

Food Allergy Awareness

I was doing some cleaning and organizing when I happened upon a little book that I had made for my boy to help him understand his food allergies.  He was four years old when I made the book and I remember making it to help prepare him for preschool.  I thought I would share a few of the pages from the book as an idea in case you have little ones that you are trying to educate about their food allergies.  The book was fun to look through.  Even now, a couple years later, my boy had fun looking through the book with me as well-- a good refresher course on how to "stay safe" (food allergy wise) as we start another year of school.

 The book starts by talking about the many things my boy likes to do, the ways in which he is similar to other kids, but one thing that is unique is his food allergies.  It talks about what happens when he eats these things, and what to do to keep safe.

 The story goes on to describe situations we've had and situations that will most likely come up and how to respond (for example if a friend offers him a treat, he needs to bring it to mom and asks if it is safe or simply refuse and if the friend asks why to just say "because I'm allergic")

 The words on this page say:
"Even though Logan is allergic to peanuts and eggs- he doesn't miss out.  Thing are just a little different.  Logan brings his own special egg free cupcakes to birthday parties.  The cupcakes at the party have egg in them and will hurt Logan's belly"

The story also includes how there are others like my boy who have food allergies and basically driving home the point on how to stay safe.  I drew the pictures with the intent to have him color the pages and make it his own, but we never seemed to get that far.

I was surprised at how effective this little book was.  After I made it and we read it a couple of times I noticed that my boy was SO much more aware of his food allergies and could advocate for himself and communicate to others that he has food allergies.  Makes him momma proud and also gave me peace of mind that he is starting to hold his own.

Anyway, just an idea for you or someone you know who is trying to help little ones understand their food allergies.


  1. Very sweet idea. I think something like this would even be good to share with elementary school teachers/schoolmates of Logan's so they get the idea too. My least favorite thing is when kids think allergies are a joke!

    1. I know! I don't like that either when kids, or adults even, don't take food allergies seriously.