Monday, October 22, 2012

Apple Teeth Snack/Kitchen Craft (Nut free)

Surprise!  I don't usually post on Mondays.  This couldn't wait though. I've seen this adorable kids' kitchen craft before online and in magazines, and it just so happened that I had apples and marshmallows in my house at the same time. So we finally got around to making these.  My kids had so much fun!  These treats are cute and creepy at the same time -- a perfect snack for Halloween. (Or a perfect *safe* snack/treat for a Halloween party??) 

Apple Teeth Snack (Nut Free)
From Egg Free Bakery

1 red apple, sliced 
handful of mini marshmallows
Sunbutter or honey

Wash and dry apples.  Leave skin on and slice, but try to slice them so they are close to an even thickness.  Pat some of the moisture of the "white" part of the apple with a paper towel.  Spread a thin layer sunbutter or honey on one side of an apple slice.  Stick marshmallows on to form a row of "teeth".  Spread sunbutter or honey on one side of another apple slice and place on top of marshmallows.  Give it a gentle smoosh to secure everything.  Continue with remaining apples.  Yield: about 8-10 apple teeth

*Note:  I found that sunbutter worked better than honey-- plus it gives it more of a creepy, messy, teeth-rotting, halloween-smile look whereas the honey is a "clean smile" :)

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