Friday, July 27, 2012

What's for Lunch? (when there is no wheat or corn)

No Wheat or Corn?
So I've mentioned that I am trying to cut back on my wheat and corn intake this allergy season to see if it helps with my allergies.  I'm quite allergic to grass and my doctor said some people are so sensitive to grass that their body is even sensitive to things they eat that are part of the grass family: wheat and corn.  So... we'll see if I notice a difference, especially with my allergy shots. We'll just say rice is my new best friend.

I really feel for people who have wheat/corn allergies or intolerances!  I never realized how much wheat, especially, that I eat until now.  (Not that wheat or corn is bad, but allergies or not, I've noticed room for improvement in my overall eating habits, like adding more veggies).  Anyway, my whole life I've almost always had a sandwich for lunch.  So I had to do some brainstorming to think of different lunch ideas for myself. I didn't want anything that took too much time.  I like to save my cooking energy for dinners.

I have a friend who told me about these tortillas.  They are made with brown rice sold in the freezer section of the health food section at our local Fred Meyer.  They are kind of spendy (over $3 for a pkg of 6 tortillas) but I am the only one who eats them in the house and I only have them once or twice a week.  So it's not bad.  They are great for when I need something quick or need something that travels well-- like for picnics.  I just wrap up whatever I would normally put in a sandwich.  I've also used these to make Quesadillas too and have had tasty results. 

To the left is the aforementioned wraps. 

I will also have baked potato for lunch sometimes.  I've got a potato option on my microwave that cooks the potato just right.  Then I top it with whatever I have on hand, usually ham, cheese, green onion, but I've also done broccoli and cheese before too.
My favorite Chicken Salad from my friend Lisa, served with rice crackers.
When I have a little more time and have leftover rice in the fridge that I need to use up, I will make a rice bowl for lunch.  Pictured at the left is the Chicken and Broccoli rice bowlBurrito bowls are tasty as is Sausage & Spinach Rice bowl.

Lettuce wraps.  Using Butter Leaf Lettuce I've only done this twice.  Once with chicken taco meat and another time with a pineapple hawaiian chicken and rice mixture. Leftovers come in handy here to in order to make lunch quick and easy.

Last but not least: salad.  I like having fruity type salads at lunch time with chicken and a lemon or berry vinaigrette.  Sometimes I'll do a deconstructed sandwich salad: ham, cheese, olives, tomatoes with ranch dressing.  I've used the rice crackers crumbled on top when I've needed an extra crunch on my salad.  

So, there you have it.  This list is a work in progress but it's a start for me.  Hopefully you'll find helpful ideas--even if you can have wheat/corn. :)

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